Solve synchronization problems

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

If the object is currently missing because it did not have enough time to load, try one of the following:

  • Insert a Wait statement, or create a Wait function and insert a call to it, prior to the step containing the object to instruct UFT One to wait a specified amount of time before continuing with the step containing the object.
  • Use the control-flow statements to wait until the object is displayed before performing operations on the objects. For details, see Comments, control-flow, and other VBScript statements .
  • For Web objects only: Increase the Browser Navigation Timeout (File > Settings > Web node). For details, see the section describing Web based settings for your test or application area in the Add-ins section of the UFT One Help Center.
  • For tests: Increase the Object Synchronization Timeout (File > Settings > Run node).
  • For tests and scripted components: If the object is displayed only after another object's property achieves a certain value, insert a synchronization point (select Design > Synchronization Point while recording) or a WaitProperty statement for the object on which the missing object is dependent. For example, suppose an OK button becomes enabled after a status bar shows that an operation is complete. You can insert a synchronization point (WaitProperty statement) to wait until the status bar reaches 100% before continuing with a step to click the OK button.