Recovery Pane (Test/Business Component Settings Dialog Box / Application Area - Additional Settings Pane)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This pane displays a list of all recovery scenarios associated with the current test or application area. Recovery scenario settings enable you to specify how a test or business component recovers from unexpected events and errors during a run session.

This pane also enables you to associate additional recovery scenarios with the test or application area, create recovery scenarios, remove scenarios from the test or application area, change the order in which they are applied to the run session, and view a read-only summary of each scenario.

For tests: You can also specify the default list of scenarios to associate with all new tests.

For components: This pane displays the recovery information defined for the application area, in read-only mode.

To access

Do one of the following:

  • With a test, action, or component in focus, select File > Settings > Recovery node.

  • Open the application area and select Additional Settings > Recovery in the sidebar.

Important information

For tests:

  • The default recovery scenarios provided with UFT One are installed in your UFT One installation folder. The paths specifying the default recovery scenarios in the Recovery pane use an environment variable (%ProductDir%) in the file path. This enables UFT One to locate these recovery scenarios when tests associated with them are run on different computers or by different ADM products. Do not modify the file paths of these default recovery scenarios or attempt to use the environment variable for any other purpose.

  • You can also associate, remove, enable, disable, prioritize, and view the properties of the recovery scenarios associated with your test in the Solution Explorer.

For components:

  • The options in this pane are read-only. You define the recovery scenario settings for a component in its associated application area.
  • UFT One provides you with a sample recovery file for Web-related testing. The file is located in the Test Resources module of your ALM project under Resources\BPT Resources\Recovery Scenarios\DefaultWeb.qrs.
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