Snapshot Pane (Business Component Settings Dialog Box)

Relevant for: GUI components only

This pane enables you to capture or load an image and save it with the component. The image provides a visual indication of the component's main purpose. You can view the image in ALM, in the component and in any business process test in which the component is included.

To access

With a business component in focus, select File > Settings > Snapshot.

Important information

The snapshot image can also be captured and saved with the component from the Snapshot tab in ALM when installed with BPT support. For details on capturing a snapshot for a component in ALM, see the Business Process Testing User Guide.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Capture snapshot from application

Enables you to define the image to be captured by clicking the Capture Snapshot button. You can then drag the crosshairs pointer to select the area to be captured. When you release the mouse button, the captured area is displayed in the Snapshot pane.

Load from file

Specifies the .png or .bmp file containing the required image. You can enter the path and filename or use the browse button to locate the file.