Resources Pane (Test/Business Component Settings Dialog Box)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This pane displays the list of resources associated with your test or component (component associations are made via the component's application area).

For tests: The pane enables you to associate function libraries and data table files with your test. You can also set the currently associated function library settings as the default settings for all new tests.

For components: The pane displays a list of the function libraries and object repositories associated with the component via its application area, in read-only mode.

To access

With a test, action, or business component in focus, select File > Settings > Resources.

Important information

For tests:

  • Object repositories are associated with individual actions in your test. You can associate an object repository with an action using the Action Properties dialog box (right-click an action in the canvas and select Action Properties) and the Associate Repositories dialog box (Resources > Associate Repositories).

  • When running a test, UFT One uses associated function libraries from ALM project folders only when you are connected to the corresponding ALM project.

For components:

The information in this pane is read-only. You define the settings for this pane using the Function Libraries in an Application Area and the Object Repositories Pane (Application Area).

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Associated function libraries

The list of function libraries associated with your test or component.

The order of the function libraries in the list determines the order in which UFT One searches for a function or subroutine that is called from a step in your test or component.

For tests: You can add, delete, and prioritize the files. You can also set the default function libraries for new tests.

Associates a function library with the test. (If the function library contains syntax errors, a message opens stating that your test or component will fail because of these syntax errors.)

You can enter the absolute or relative path and file name of the function library, or use the browse button to locate the required file. The function library can be located in the file system or in an ALM project folder.

If you enter a relative path, then during a run session, UFT One searches for the file in the folder for the current test, and then in the folders listed in the Folders pane of the Options dialog box.


  • If you are working with the Resources and Dependencies model with Quality Center or ALM, specify an absolute Quality Center or ALM path

  • When not connected to ALM, you can add a file located in an ALM project folder by holding the Shift key and clicking this button. UFT One adds [ALM], and you can enter the path. You can also type the entire ALM path manually. If you do, you must add a space after [ALM]. For example: [ALM] Subject\Tests.

Set as Default
(tests only)

Sets the current list of function libraries as the default list to be associated with new tests. This does not affect existing tests.

Note: This button is enabled when the list of associated function libraries for this test is different from the list that was previously set as default for all tests.

Caution: If the default function library is moved or renamed, UFT One will not be able to locate it. The function library will be displayed in the Errors pane when new tests are created.

Check Syntax
(tests only)

Verifies whether any of the associated function libraries contain syntax errors that will prevent the test from running properly. Click the Check Syntax button to check the files for syntax errors before finalizing the test. If any syntax errors are found, the Errors pane opens listing the files containing syntax errors. Otherwise, an information box opens confirming that the syntax in all of the function libraries is valid.


  • UFT One checks only the associated function libraries that can be accessed. For example, if an associated function library is stored in an ALM project to which you are not currently connected, its syntax will not be checked.

  • You cannot instruct UFT One to check syntax for function libraries that are loaded dynamically during a run.

Data Table
(tests only)

The location of the data table to be used in your test:

  • Default location (under test folder). Instructs UFT One to use data stored in the default data table location under the test folder.

  • Other location. Instructs UFT One to use data stored in the specified data table location. The data table can be any Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file.

Note: You can specify Microsoft Excel files stored in ALM as data tables.

Associated object Repositories
(components only)

The list of shared object repositories currently associated with your component via its associated application area (in addition to the local object repository). The order of the object repositories in the list determines the order in which UFT One searches for a test object description.