Use UFT One UIA Pro (tech preview)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This topic describes how to use UIA Pro in UFT One to test applications that implement Microsoft UI Automation patterns. You can use UIA Pro to identify objects in your application when UFT One's regular object identification support is not sufficient for your needs.

Using UIA Pro requires the UIA Pro add-in to be installed and loaded.

Spy on objects in UIA Pro mode

The Object Spy and Object Identification Center provide a separate mode for UIA Pro object identification. Use this mode to identify objects based on their UI Automation properties and create UIA Pro test objects.

To spy on objects in UIA Pro mode

Do one of the following:

  • In the Object Spy, click the pointing hand drop-down arrow, select UIA Pro, and click the button to spy on an object in UIA Pro mode.

  • In the Object Identification Center, click the UIA Pro button to spy on objects in UIA Pro mode.

In the UIA Pro mode, you can view object properties, add the spied object to your local or shared repository, or drag it into your test to create a step. For details, see Use the Object Spy and Use the Object Identification Center.

Object properties are displayed as they would be recognized using UI Automation instead of their native technology.

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Create UIAPro test steps

You can create objects and add them to your test from the Object Spy or Object Identification Center.

Each test object supports the following types of methods:

  • UFT One common methods and properties

  • Click and Type methods.

  • Methods based on a control type's supported patterns. You can use the supportedpatterns description property to check what patterns an object supports.

  • Some test objects have object-specific test object methods available for use.

For full details on these test object methods, see the UIAPro section of the UFT One Object Model Reference.

Note: The test objects and methods available are completely dependent on the properties and patterns implemented in your application. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the properties of your application's objects - specifically the Control Type IDs and supported patterns to understand what test objects and methods you can use.

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Tech preview scope

The UFT One UIA Pro is introduced as a tech preview feature. Working with this tech preview feature has the following known issues:

Recording Recording UIA Pro steps is not supported.
Spying on UIA Pro objects

The Object Identification Center shows only a limited hierarchy of a spied UIA Pro object. To see the full hierarchy, use the Object Spy.

IntelliSense is not fully supported

IntelliSense does not work for methods that return complex objects.

Assistive properties Assistive properties are not supported in UIA Pro, and all properties included in an object's description are considered mandatory.
Parameter value enumerations

When entering a parameter value in a UIA Pro test step, use integer values rather than enumeration strings.

Example: In the syntax UIAProPane("Program Manager").Click 10, 10, MouseButton_Right, instead of using the enumeration string, use an integer value and change the syntax to the following:

UIAProPane("Program Manager").Click 10, 10, 2

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