Checkpoint and output statements

Relevant for: GUI actions and scripted GUI components

In UFT One, you can create checkpoints and output values on pages, text strings, tables, and other objects. When you create a checkpoint or output value in the Keyword View, UFT One creates a corresponding line in VBScript in the Editor. It uses the Check method to perform the checkpoint, and the Output method to perform the output value step.

For example, in the following statement UFT One performs a check on the link TabletsCategory:

Browser("Advantage Shopping").Page("Advantage Shopping").Link("TabletsCategory").Check CheckPoint("TabletsCategory")

Note: The details about a checkpoint are set in the relevant Checkpoint Properties dialog box. The details about an output value step are set in the relevant Output Value Properties dialog box. The statement displayed in the Editor is a reference to the stored information. Therefore, you cannot insert a checkpoint or output value statement in the Editor manually.