Define/Modify Row Range Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

This dialog box enables you to define or modify the number of rows included in an existing table or database checkpoint.

To access

In the Table Checkpoint Properties dialog box or Table Output Value Properties dialog box, click the Change button.

Important information

This dialog box is also available for certain list view objects. This enables you to define a table checkpoint on specific rows within a list view object.

Relevant tasks

Insert a checkpoint step

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


All rows

Includes all rows in the checkpoint or output value.

Note: Capturing all of the data for large table or list view objects may take some time.

Visible Rows

Includes only the rows that are currently visible in your application in the checkpoint or output value.

Available only for some environments or object types.

Another range

Includes the rows you specify in the checkpoint or output value.

You can specify any row range between 1 and the number of rows listed in the dialog box.