Edit XML as Text Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

This dialog box enables you to edit XML content from the XML tree in a text editor.

To access

Click the Edit XML as Text button in the XML tree area of the XML Checkpoint Properties Dialog Box.

Important information
  • This dialog box is used mainly for constructing an entire XML segment from a string or for fixing syntax problems that prevent the dialog box from displaying the XML tree correctly. It is also useful when you want to use copy-paste functionality to edit the tree.
  • When you click OK in the Edit XML as Text dialog box, the sub-tree of the node you previously selected in the XML tree (or the entire tree if no node was selected or if the root node was selected) is completely replaced by the XML content from the Edit XML as Text dialog box.
  • You cannot modify the name of the root element displayed in the Edit XML as Text dialog box.
Relevant tasks

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