Upgrade documents from previous versions

If you have documents created in QuickTest, Service Test, or previous versions of UFT One, you can upgrade them for UFT One.

Upgrade QuickTest tests or components

  • Files last saved in QuickTest 9.5

    UFT One will open the asset in read-only mode.

  • Files last saved in QuickTest earlier than 9.5

    An error message is displayed in the UFT One Error Pane.

    • If the asset is saved in the file system, you must first open it in QuickTest 10.00 or 11.00 to upgrade it.

    • If the asset is saved in Quality Center or ALM, you must use the QuickTest Asset Upgrade Tool for ALM (available with the QuickTest Professional 10.00 or 11.00 DVD).

  • Files saved in QuickTest 10.00 or later

    Assets last saved in QuickTest 10.00 or later can be opened in UFT One.

  • QuickTest components

    Sharing values between components in a BPT test cannot be done using user-defined environment variables.

    Instead, use user-defined run-time settings that you create using the Setting.Add method.

    If your QuickTest components used any user-defined environment variables, you must change them to use run-time settings when you upgrade to UFT One.

  • QuickTest 11.00 and Chrome

    If you previously had QuickTest 11.00 installed on your computer and you installed one of the patches or hotfixes that added support for working with the Google Chrome browser (QPTWEB00088 or another Chrome-related patch or hotfix), you must delete your user profile in the Chrome browser before you can use UFT One to test applications in Chrome.

    To do this, open the Chrome Settings window in your Chrome browser. In the Users section, click the Delete this user button.

  • RunScript methods

    If you previously used the Frame.RunScript, Frame.RunScriptFromFile, Page.RunScript, or Page.RunScriptFromFile methods in your tests of a Web site or Web application, you should update the RunScript argument to use either an eval function or an anonymous function.

    For example, if you used this syntax previously:

    Browser("MySearchEngine").Page("MySearchEngine").Frame("Web Search").RunScript "var remove = document.getElementById('logo'); remove.parentNode.removeChild(remove)"

    you should update this to:

    Browser("MySearchEngine").Page("MySearchEngine").Frame("Web Search").RunScript "eval(var remove = document.getElementById('logo'); remove.parentNode.removeChild(remove););"


    Browser("MySearchEngine").Page("MySearchEngine").Frame("Web Search").RunScript "(function(){var remove = document.getElementById('logo'); remove.parentNode.removeChild(remove);})();"

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Upgrade Service Test tests or components

UFT One provides a Batch Upgrader command line tool, STBatchUpgrader.exe, located in the <UFT One installation folder>/bin folder.

This tool lets you run a batch file to upgrade tests last saved in Service Test, version 11.10 or 11.20, making them compatible for UFT One.

  • If you do not upgrade your tests with the Batch Upgrader tool, when you open a test created in version 11.10 or 11.20, it prompts you to upgrade the test.

  • For tests and components created in Service Test 11.00, you must first open and save them in Service Test 11.10, before you can upgrade them to UFT One.

Upgrade a test last saved in Service Test version 11.10 or 11.20

  1. Make sure that UFT One is not running.

    If you ran the upgrader tool once while UFT One was running, the logs may become corrupted. Backup and delete all of the existing logs in the <UFT One installation folder>\bin\logs folder before proceeding.

    If desired, create a backup copy of the older tests.

  2. In the command line, enter the location of the STBatchUpgrader.exe file in the <UFT One installation folder>/bin sub-folder.

  3. Add the relevant command line options as described in Upgrade QuickTest tests or components.

    Use the following syntax:

    STBatchUpgrader.exe source [destination] [/ALM url domain project] [/login username password] [/log logfile] [/report reportfile]

    For example, the following string runs the upgrade on all tests in the ST_11_1 folder on the ALM server, pumpkin, for the TEST1 project in the AUTOMATION domain. It places the report in c:\logs\MyLogfile.log.

    STBatchUpgrader.exe Subject\ST11_1 /ALM http://pumpkin:8080/qcbin AUTOMATION TEST1 /login user password  /log c:\logs\MyLogfile.log.
  4. Run the command. Verify the validity of the tests in the destination folder.

Known issues with Service Test tests


When upgrading a Service Test test from Service Test version 11.00 (via 11.10), UFT One does not retain the Security settings.

To upgrade the security settings as well, save the Security Scenario to an .stss file in Service Test 11.00. Then import this file for your service when you upgrade the test.

Call QuickTest Professional Test steps

Tests last modified in Service Test 11.20 that contain a Call QuickTest Professional Test step, cannot be opened in UFT One.