Insert formulas into data tables for use in checkpoints

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

  1. Select the object or text for which you want to create a checkpoint and open the Insert Checkpoint dialog box as described in Insert a checkpoint step.

  2. In the Configure value area, click Parameter.

  3. Set the parameter options, in the Parameter Options Dialog Box.

  4. Specify your other checkpoint setting preferences as described in the Configure checkpoint details.

  5. Highlight the value in the first (formula) column to view the formula and modify the formula to fit your needs.

  6. If you want to run several iterations, add the appropriate formula in subsequent rows of the formula column for each iteration in the test or action.

    Tip: You can encode passwords to use the resulting strings as method arguments or data table parameter values. For details, see Password Encoder.

    You can also encrypt strings in data table cells using the Encrypt option in the Data pane menu.