Data Driver

Relevant for: GUI tests only

The Data Driver enables you to quickly parameterize several (or all) property values for test objects, checkpoints, and/or method arguments containing the same constant value within a given action.

You can choose to replace all occurrences of a selected constant value with a parameter, in the same way that you can use a Find and Replace All operation instead of a step-by-step Find and Replace process.

UFT One can also show you each occurrence of the constant so that you can decide whether or not to parameterize the value.


  • When finding multiple occurrences of a selected value, UFT One conducts a search that is case sensitive and searches only for exact matches. (It does not find values that include the selected value as part of a longer string.)

  • You cannot use the Data Driver to parameterize the values of arguments for user-defined methods or VBScript functions.