Watch Pane

Relevant for: GUI actions, scripted GUI components, function libraries and user code files

This debug pane enables you to view the current values and types of selected variables, properties, and VBScript or C# expressions in your suspended run session.

Caution: UFT One runs the expressions in the Watch pane to evaluate them. Do not enter a test object method or any expression whose evaluation could affect the state of the test or a test object, as this can lead to unexpected behavior of your test or function library.

To access
  1. Ensure that a test, component, function library, or user code file is in focus in the document pane, or selected in the solution explorer.
  2. Select View > Debug > Watch.
Important information
  • Add, edit, or remove expressions within the Watch pane using the pane's toolbar buttons in addition to the Run menu command (Run > Add to Watch).
  • Expand Watch pane items if the property selected contains multiple values.
  • Sort the columns in the watch pane by expression, value, or type name by clicking the column headers.
  • Watch expressions are saved with the test and maintained between testing sessions and as you switch between open documents.
  • For API testing: If you added an item to this pane from an user code file that already ran, the pane will show it as undefined.
Relevant tasks

Debug a test, component, function library, or user code file

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