Bookmarks Pane

Relevant for: GUI actions, scripted GUI components, function libraries, and user code files.

The Bookmarks pane displays the location of bookmarks in your action, scripted component, function library, or user code files, and enables you to navigate to these bookmarks.

Use bookmarks when editing files in the Editor. When you assign a bookmark, a bookmark icon is added to the left of the selected line of your document.

To access Select View > Bookmarks.
Important information

Bookmarks are saved, per solution, on your file system on a per-user basis.

When working with documents saved in ALM, bookmarks are maintained until you close UFT One.

Use the toolbar buttons in the Bookmarks pane to add and navigate through bookmarks or commands in the Search menu:

  • Bookmarks > Toggle Bookmarks

  • Bookmarks > Next Bookmark

  • Bookmarks > Previous Bookmark

  • Bookmarks > Clear All Bookmarks