Comments in the Keyword View

Relevant for: GUI actions and components

A Comment is a free text entry added to improve readability and make an action or component easier to update.

For example, add a comment to describe what is being tested, or to plan your steps before the application is ready to be tested.

Comments are indicated in the Keyword View by a icon.

You can also insert a comment step. For details, see Insert Comment Dialog Box.

Comments in actions

In actions, comments are displayed in the Comment column for the relevant step. The Comment column is hidden by default.

To add or modify a comment, select the step, and enter your comment in the Comment column.

You can also add a comment as a separate step to your action.

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Comments in components

In components, comments are displayed as a separate step, and are always displayed in the Keyword View.

To add a comment step, do one of the following:

  • Select Edit > Format > Comment.

  • Click in the Item cell and select Comment from the displayed list.

  • Right-click a component step and select Insert Comment. A comment row is added below the selected step.


  • UFT One does not process comments during a run session.

  • After you insert a comment, you cannot change it to a step.

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