Known Issues - Standard API testing activities

Relevant for: API testing only

This topic describes known issues when working with standard API testing activities.

System activities

  • End Program. You cannot specify Window Title as an input method for a windowless process, even if you are using a wildcard expression.

  • End Program. If you are running on a 64-bit machine, the End Program activity will not be able to terminate 64-bit applications. However, it can terminate other 32-bit applications.

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Java activities

Call Java Class
  • Supports only Java primitive types.

  • After you select a Java file for the call, the Java Class button is unavailable. As a result, you cannot replace or update the Java file.

    Workaround: Remove the step containing the Call Java Class step and add a new one using the new Java file.

  • Java code loaded by the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) cannot be modified or updated when the JVM is running.

Java customized activities

Only one Java customized activity is supported for each test.

This is because JDK limitations prevent UFT One from supporting multiple Java VMs in the same process.

Workaround: Add your activities using separate external calls.

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  • HTTP Request/Receiver. Nested transactions are not support ed.

    Workaround: Add a new loop activity within an existing transaction. Add the new transactions steps to the newly created loop. Make sure to set the loop iteration to 1.

  • HTTP Request/SOAP Request. XML file that use XSL, are not supported.

  • SOAP Request. Switching between Text and Grid views, may cause the grid to display an element added below the Body's Any node, under the Header's Any node.

    Workaround: Open the Text view to view the correct XML..

  • SOAP Request. By default, UFT One validates the request received in a SOAP Request step using the SOAP 1.1 schema. If you expect your response to use the SOAP 1.2 schema, the validation will fail.

    Workaround: Import the SOAP 1.2 schema for your SOAP Request step's response body. This schema is available with the UFT One installation at <UFT_One_installdir>\Addins\ServiceTest\WSImportTechnology\envelop1.2.xsd.

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  • Nested transactions are not supported in database transaction activities.

    Workaround: Add a new loop activity within an existing transaction. Add the new transactions steps to the newly created loop. Make sure to set the loop iteration to 1.

  • Databases which are supported by ODBC, but not by OLEDB, cannot be accessed by UFT One.

  • UFT One's installation provides Microsoft Access database engine version 2016. As a result, .mdb files in Access 97 formats are no longer supported in database connections.

    Workaround: To continue using .mdb files in Access 97 format, delete Microsoft Access 2016 and re-install Microsoft Access 2010, or repair the Microsoft Access 2010 installation.

    For more details about this known issue, see Microsoft's support site.

  • UFT One's installation installs Microsoft Access database engine version 2016 (32-bit).

    To use Microsoft Access database engine (64bit), you must uninstall Microsoft Access database engine 2016, and then install Microsoft Access database engine (64bit).

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  • FTP: When working with FTP activities that specify paths, you need to enter the full path.

  • FTP Download: When downloading from Linux servers, you cannot download an empty folder.

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IBM Websphere MQ

  • Get Message from MQ Queue. The MQGMO_MARK_SKIP_BACKOUT option is not supported.

  • Put Message to MQ Queue, Publish Message to MQ Topic. The message body should not exceed 64K bytes. If it exceeds this size, the execution issues a MQRC_CONVERTED_STRING_TOO_BIG status. This is a limitation of IBM MQ.

  • MQ Steps. Automatic linking of IBM Websphere MQ steps to the most recent Connect to MQ Queue Manager connection, is supported only when the steps are on the same level in the container, or if the connection step is in a parent container. If the connection step is in a leaf container and the step using the connection is in a parent container or in another leaf, UFT One does not create an automatic link.

    Workaround: Manually link to a MQManager property using the Select Link Source dialog box.

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If your JSON string contains non-ASCII characters, you should save this file with UFT-8 encoding. Otherwise, the characters in your file may not display correctly in UFT One.

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Load Testing

  • Related data mapping in a load-enabled test is not supported for the LoadRunner Professional parameter advance policy of Each Occurrence.

  • Tests created as Business Process Testing (BPT) components, cannot be used in load testing.

  • If your tests use IBM's MQ client, make sure to install the MQ client on all machines running these tests.

  • You cannot run tests containing actions or calls to other tests on a remote load generator. This limitation does not apply when running the test on a local load generator.

  • The data assignment method, Use a unique value for each Virtual User when load testing is not supported in all environments.

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Web Sockets

Using a web socket open between actions in a test is not supported.

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XPath Activity Checkpoints

XPath aggregate functions are not supported.

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