Known Issues - ALM version control

Relevant for: GUI tests and components, API testing, and business process tests and flows

This topic describes known issues about version control in ALM.

Disappearing comparison data

Sometimes, checkpoint and output value comparison information disappears from the bottom panes of the Asset Comparison Tool after refreshing it. This can occur if you do the following:

  1. Open the Asset Comparison Tool to view a comparison.

  2. Switch to the Object Repository Manager.

  3. Modify any of the current comparison's checkpoints or output values.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Switch back to the Asset Comparison Tool.

  6. Refresh the Asset Comparison Tool.

  7. Select the checkpoint or output value that you modified.

Workaround: If this occurs, close the Asset Comparison Tool, and then open it again after you save your changes.

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Comparing two baselines

When comparing two baselines, if the only change in a resource is its association to a test or component, the Asset Comparison Tool does not indicate any change in the resource even though ALM may indicate that the resource is Modified.

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Localized UFT One

When working with a localized installation of UFT One, selecting the View Sample Snapshot option in the UFT One Asset Comparison Tool opens a window containing a sample image of the selected element in UFT One. The image displays the English user interface.

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Creating an API test in an ALM project

When you create an API test in an ALM project in UFT One, make sure to check in the generated version before you make any changes. Otherwise:

  • Asset Viewer does not display the auto generated test if you try to view it in Version History.

  • Other users are unable to load the test from UFT One if the test is checked out by the current user.

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Unable to save and run an API test in UFT One

In ALM, a new data source must be checked in first by its creator before it can be viewed, accessed, and used by other users.

If an API test imports an Excel data source that was never checked in in ALM, the whole test becomes unusable to other users.

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