Properties Pane

Relevant for: GUI tests and components, API testing, and business process tests and flows

The properties pane is used for viewing and editing global and specific properties of your tests and components.

The view and information displayed in the Properties pane is different depending on what you are testing:

GUI testing

Properties of your test, component, and associated add-ins.

Related parameters.

Tests saved in ALM that call a selected action.

An editable Action Sheet Dictionary, mapping the local and external actions in your test to their data sheets.

Note: If an external action was renamed in its original test, the name of the data sheet mapped to this action is not updated automatically.

API testing

The Properties pane is the primary place for providing the values in your steps you use to run the test.

The Properties pane displays tabs that enable you customize the step properties or parameters, including:

  • General properties of the step

  • Input or checkpoint properties

  • Data source properties

  • Event handlers to use with your test step

  • HTTP and security information for your HTTP, SOAP, or Web Service call steps

Business Process Testing

The information displayed is dependent on the type of business process document selected:

  • When a business process test or flow is selected, the Properties pane displays basic information about the test or flow and enables you to manage the test or flow parameters.
  • When a component is selected in the document pane, the Properties pane enables you set On Failure conditions for the component as well as parameters for the individual component. You can also view the general properties for the component.

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