Runtime files

Relevant for: API testing only

When creating a custom activity, you must provide a DLL to run when executing the activity.

Note the following when creating your activity's code:

  • When creating a custom activity, you must use methods that are included in the STActivityBase class.

  • The STExecutionResult object is the return value of the ExecuteStep method. It receives the parameters: STExecutionStatus Status and optionally, string msg.

  • STExecutionStatus is an enum type that can be set to the following values:

    • ActivityFailure

    • ActivityStopTest

    • ApplicationUnderTestFailure

    • Equals

    • ReferenceEquals

    • Success

    • TestStopped

  • Place your executable code within the ExecuteStep function.

  • You must compile the DLL with a Target Framework of Framework 4.0, available in Microsoft Visual Studio 10.

You can use the sample ReportMessageActivitySample.sln located in the product's ExtensibilitySamples folder as a basis for your project.

For task details and an example, see Create a runtime file.