Toolbox Pane

Relevant for: tests, components, actions, function libraries, and flows

The Toolbox pane contains items that you can use to create steps in your testing document.

The Toolbox pane and GUI testing

The Toolbox pane displays the test objects and functions available for the current action, component, or function library.

Add objects and functions to your document by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting. Double-click a function to jump to its definition in the relevant function library.


  • If you drag and drop a button object into an action or component, a step is added using the button with a Click operation (the default operation for a button object).

  • If you drag and drop a function into an action, component, or function library, a comment and a call to that function are added.

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The Toolbox pane and API testing

The Toolbox pane provides a collection of service activities for functional testing. To add these activities to a test, drag and drop them in the test canvas.

Standard Activities

Standard API application activities, such as File System activities, Date/Time Activities, Network communication activities, and the like.

Local Activities
  • These are custom activities imported into the test by importing a WSDL/WADL file or creating the REST Service prototype.
  • File System Activities

    These are custom activities that have been moved to the file system. By default, local activities are saved only with the test, but can be moved to a common location on the file system. After they are moved to the file system, they are displayed as File System Activities.

    Add additional activities to the Toolbox pane by importing WSDL and WADL files, or creating REST Service methods. Create new custom activities using the Activity Wizard tool.

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    The Toolbox pane and Business Process Testing

    The Toolbox pane displays the components and flows that are available for you to add the current business process test flow. Double click or drag and drop a component or flow to add it to the BPT test or flow that is open in the document pane.

    Components and flows are organized according to their ALM path, and you can use the search bar to find a specific component or flow by name.

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