Credential Manager Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab)

This pane enables you to define options that secure a valid connection between UFT One and a credential management service such as AWS Secrets Manager and Azure Key Vault. This is relevant when you want to use a credential management service to manage secrets, credentials, or passwords used in your UFT One tests.

Access the Credential Manager pane

Select Tools > Options dialog box > GUI Testing tab > Credential Manager.

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Configure the connection information

To connect to a credential management service, configure the connection information.

To connect to a credential management service:

  1. Select AWS Secrets Manager or Azure Key Vault from the Manager Provider dropdown.

  2. Enter required information.

    AWS Secrets Manager
    • Region Endpoint: The endpoint of an AWS region.

    • Access Key ID: The AWS access key ID.

    • Secret Access Key: The AWS secret access key.

    • KMS Key ID: Optional if you do not use the PasswordUtil.SetSecret method in your test script. This parameter is not verified by Test Connection.

    Azure Key Vault
    • Azure Tenant ID: The ID of your Azure tenant.

    • Azure Client ID: The ID of your Azure client.

    • Azure Client Secret: The password of your Azure client.

    • Key Vault Name: The name of a key vault.

  3. If necessary, configure the proxy settings.

    1. Select Use proxy settings.

    2. Defines the following options.

      Proxy type. Select either System proxy or HTTP proxy.

      Proxy address. The proxy IP address and port. If System proxy is selected, this field is populated automatically, and is read-only.

      Specify authentication. Enables you to connect to the service using a specific account.

      Proxy user name and password. The credentials used to connect to the service, if Specify authentication is selected.

  4. Click Test Connection.

    Test Connection only verifies that the connection information is correct. To actually connect to the service, you must use the PasswordUtil.Connect method in your test script.

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