ImportFromExcelFile method

Relevant for: API testing only


Imports the selected Excel file to your test.

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GetDataSource("<data source name>").ImportFromExcelFile(@"<path to Excel file>", "<test data source name>", header row>);

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Parameter Description
Name Name assigned to the data source.
Path to data source The Windows path to the file for the data source.
Data source name in the test

The name the test gives the data source after importing.

Header row

A boolean value if the data source has a header row.

Possible values are "true" or "false".

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Return Type

Adds an Excel data source to your test.

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GetDataSource("ConcatenateStrings!Sheet1").ImportFromExcelFile(@"C:\Users\user\Documents\UFT One\API Test Resources\ConcatenateStrings.xlsx", "Sheet1", true);

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