InputEnvelope Object

Relevant for: API testing only


Accesses the input property envelope for Web Service, HTTP Request, and SOAP Request activities.

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this.<activity>.InputEnvelope.<supported object/method>

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Supported Objects and Methods

This object is a standard object of the XML Document class. All supported objects and methods for the XML Document class can be used with this object.

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var GetFlights_Input_Arrival_City = GetDataSource("WebServiceData!Input").GetValue(this.Loop2.CurrentIterationNumber-1, "ArrivalCity").ToString();
StServiceCallActivity4.InputEnvelope.SelectSingleNode("/*[local-name(.)='Envelope'][1]/*[local-name(.)='Body'][1]/*[local-name(.)='GetFlights'][1]/*[local-name(.)='ArrivalCity'][1]").InnerText = GetFlights_Input_Arrival_City;

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