SetValue method

Relevant for: API testing only


Sets the value of a specified item in the data source.


  • This method must be used with the GetDataSource method.
  • This method cannot be used for XML data sources.

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GetDataSource(<data source name>).SetValue(<row index>, "<column name>", "<value>");

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Parameter Description
Row index

Required. The row of the cell to which a value is assigned.

The row index is zero-based, meaning if you want to set the value of a cell in the first row of the table, you must set the row index value to 0.

Column name Required. The column of the cell to which a value is assigned.
Value Required. The value you want to assign to a cell.

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Return Type

No explicit return object. Sets a value in the specified data source.

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GetDataSource("ConcActivity Strings").SetValue(1, "Suffix", "done.");

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