General Properties Page

Relevant for: API testing only

This wizard page enables you to set the General type properties for the activity.

Important information

General information about this wizard is available here: Activity Wizard.

Wizard map

This wizard contains:

Welcome > General Properties Page > Project Properties Page > Set Properties Page > Confirm Page > Progress Page > Finish Page

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Reset Values. Resets all of the values to their original defaults and discards all changes that you made.

Open Wizard Project. Opens a Visual Studio activity project that you created earlier.


The category under which to deploy the activity. A drop down list contains all of the built-in or previously created categories.

Clicking on New opens the Add New Category dialog box.


A meaningful description that will appear in the Toolbox pane's hint area when you select the activity.

Display Icon

An icon image for the activity for the Toolbox pane and canvas. Click Import to upload a new image file for the icon. The icon size should be 16 x 16 pixels.

Display Name

The name of the activity as it will appear in the canvas and Toolbox pane.


The language in which to generate the code: C# or Java.

Note: When you select Java, the wizard creates a Java file to which you can add the logic for your activity, and references to other required files. In addition, a Visual Studio project is created to manage the integration between the API Test and your Java activity.

Project Location

The location in which to save the project.

Unique Activity ID

A unique ID for the new activity. This ID can be used to reference the activity.