Attach Data Source to Loop Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to add a data source to the current loop.

To access
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Ensure that an API test or component is in focus in the document pane.

    • In the solution explorer, select an API test or component.

  2. Associate a data source or multiple data sources with your test in the Data pane

  3. In the canvas, select the Test Flow or another test loop.

  4. In the Properties pane, open the Data Sources tab .

  5. Click the Add button.

  • First define data in the Data pane before you generate a list of data sources.
  • When you link any step in the loop to the data, it automatically adds a data source to the loop.

    For details, see Assign data to API test/component steps.

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