Add Reference Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to add a reference file to your API test.

To access

Do one of the following:

  • Select the References node of an API test, right-click and select Add Reference.

  • Select Design > Operation > Add Reference.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


GAC tab

Displays a list of the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) assemblies and version numbers.


  • If you select the Choose specific assembly version option, the pane displays a list of all versions of all assemblies. You can then select a specific version of an assembly to insert in the test.

  • If you enter a text string into the Search field, UFT One searches through the list of assemblies for the assembly that matches your search string.

Tests tab

A list of all tests contained in the current solution.

.NET Assembly Browser tab

Enables you to searches the file system for .NET assemblies to import into a test.

The browser displays the following information:

  • <directory location>. The location on the file system for a folder or assembly.

  • Back/Up buttons. Enable you to return to the previously selected directory or the previous level on the directory hierarchy to search for an assembly.

  • <files list>. The list of all available files in a directory location.

COM tab

A list of all software components and their location in the file system.

If a path to a component is not listed in the pane, then the component is located in the <UFT_One_installdir>/bin folder.


Adds the current assembly, project, or software component to the Selected References list.


Removes the current assembly, project, or software component from the Selected References list.

Selected References

A list of all assemblies, projects, or software components to add to your test. The grid displays the following information:

  • Reference Name. The reference name as displayed in the References node in the Solution Explorer pane.

  • Type. The type of reference for the selected reference, project, or assembly.

  • Location. The location of the selected reference in the file system. If a location is not displayed for the reference, it is located in the <UFT_One_installdir>/bin folder.