HTTP and Proxy Tab (Advanced Settings Dialog Box)

Relevant for: API testing only

This tab lets you set the HTTP transfer and Proxy information for your test.

The following options are available:

UI Element


Transfer mode

The transfer method for requests/responses. The possible values include:

  • Buffered
  • Streamed
  • Streamed Request
  • Streamed Response
Max response size (KB)

The maximum size of the response before being concatenated.

Default: 65 KB

Send Timeout The time to wait (in seconds) for response on the transfer.
Allow cookies

Indicates whether to enable or disable cookies.

Keep-Alive enabled

Indicates whether to enable or disable keep-alive connections.

Authentication scheme

The HTTP authentication method:

  • None
  • Digest
  • Negotiate
  • NTLM
  • Integrated Windows Authentication
  • Basic
  • Anonymous

The realm of the authentication scheme in the form of a URL.

Require client certificate

Indicates whether to require a certificate for SSL transport.

Use default web proxy

Indicates whether to use machine's default proxy settings.

Bypass proxy on local

Indicates whether to ignore the proxy when the service is on the local machine.

Proxy address

The URL of the proxy server.

Proxy authentication scheme

HTTP authentication method on the proxy server:

  • Digest
  • Negotiate
  • NTLM
  • Basic
  • Anonymous