Import Network Capture Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to import the contents of a network capture file. After you import the file to your test, UFT One creates test steps for the transactions included in your file.

To access
  1. Create, open, or select an API test.

  2. Select Tools > Import Network Capture File.

Important Information
  • Only .pcap and .har network capture files are supported.

  • If your file contains errors, you cannot import the file and the Import button is disabled.

  • Steps created by importing a network capture file are not stored in the Toolbox pane. If you need to add the steps to your test again, you need to import the network capture file again.

Relevant tasks

Import a Network Capture file

The following elements are included (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Network Capture file

The path to the file to import.

You can only select network capture files stored on the file system.

Browse. Enables you to navigate to the file to import.
Info Pane

Displays details about the selected file, including number of network transactions contained in the file or errors in the file.

The maximum number of transactions allowed is 100.

Create checkpoints from response

Creates checkpoint values for your test steps based on the information detailed in the response of the .pcap or .har file.

You view the response of your file differently based on whether your network capture file is a .pcap or a .har file.:

  • For .pcap files: Open the file in a network capture program and view the response information contained in a TCP stream.

  • For .har files: Open the file in a text editor and navigate to the response section of the desired HTTP transaction.