Import from SAP/Update Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to import an SAP IDoc or RFC into the Toolbox pane or update an existing one from a new location.

To access

To import a new RFC or IDoc:

  1. Define an SAP Connection. For details, see SAP Connections Pane.

  2. Select Tools > Import from SAP.

To update an RFC or IDoc from a different location:

  1. Select the RFC or IDoc in the Toolbox pane.

  2. Select Update from from the right-click menu.

Relevant tasks

Create an SAP API test step

Some user interface elements are only available when you select a specific node or if you import a new RFC or IDoc. The user elements are:

UI Elements


SAP Connection

A drop down containing the names of the SAP connections defined in the SAP Connections Pane (read-only).


The credentials to use for accessing the server:

  • Default credentials for connection. Use the client and credentials defined for the connection.

  • Override connection. Manually provide client and credential information for this import.

Search for

The type of document to search for: IDOC or RFC.


The matching condition. Use an asterisk, *, as a wildcard.


Begins the search based on the matching conditions.


The IDOCs or RFCs that matched the condition.

Import Selected

Imports the RFCs or IDocs indicated with a check mark into the Local Activities > SAP section of the toolbox.


Updates the selected RFC or IDoc.