Java Class Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to configure the settings for a call to a Java class.

To access
  1. Add a Call Java Class step to the canvas.

  2. In the Properties pane, click the Input/Checkpoints tab .

  3. Click the Java Class button.

Relevant tasks

Create a call to a Java class

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The Jar (Java Archive) file to use in the Java call.

Embed Jar in Test

Copies the Jar file to the test's EmbeddedJavaResources folder. This allows the test to be ported to other machines. (Due to a limitation, you must select this check box before you browse for the class file.)

Package root

The root folder containing the classes to be called by the step.

Class file

The Java class to associate with the Call Java Class step. When you click Browse, it shows the classes in the specified .jar file.

UFT One supports the following Java classes:

  • Byte

  • Short

  • Int

  • Long

  • Float

  • Double

  • Boolean

  • Date

  • String

Note: The Char class is not supported.

Additional classpaths

Additional classpaths to associate with the Call Java Class step.

  • Jar. Opens the Select Jar File dialog box.

  • Folder. Opens the Browse for Folder dialog box to select a folder containing the .class file.

  • Add. Adds the contents of the Additional Classpath box to the additional classpath list.

  • Remove. Removes the selected entry from the list.

System classpath

The paths you defined in the Test Settings for system classpaths.

To modify this setting, click on the Start or End step and open the Properties pane's General view. Modify the Test Setting's JVM > Classpath node.