New/Add New <Document> Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components, API testing, and business process testing

This dialog box enables you to create a new testing document or add a new document to an existing solution.

To access
  1. Prerequisite for ALM users: Connect to your ALM project if needed. For details, see ALM Connection Dialog Box.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select File > New > Test/Business Component

    • Select File > Add > New Test/Business Component

    • Click the New down arrow and select Test or Business Component.

    • Click the Add down arrow and select Test or Business Component.

Important information
  • When you save a new document in the file system, UFT One suggests a default folder called UFT One. This folder is located under My Documents.

  • In ALM, components are saved in the ALM Components module. You cannot save a component directly in the root folder of this module. Create a sub-folder within it, or select an existing sub-folder.

  • The types of new tests available differ depending on the license loaded and the applications installed on the UFT One computer.

  • The location of your document file is prefaced by an ALM path, shown as: [ALM] Components/Subject \<folder name>.

  • All documents must be part of a solution.