Seat vs. concurrent licenses

This topic describes UFT One seat and concurrent licenses, and can help you select the best type of license for your needs.

Seat licenses

Seat licenses are machine-specific licenses, based on a specific locking code per computer.

The key must be entered once only, and provides one installation per key.

A computer with multiple bootable partitions may generate a different locking code for each partition. When obtaining a seat license key, you must use the locking code for the partition on which you will be using UFT One or UFT Developer.

Seat licenses and Windows servers

If you install a seat license on a Windows server, the seat license will be consumed by the first user who logs into the Windows server.

Limited seat licenses

If you install a time-limited seat license, do not modify the date on your computer. Doing so will block your active seat license and prevent future seat license installations on that computer. For more information, contact your UFT One license supplier.

MAC address or host name changes

If you modify the MAC address or host name of the computer after installing a seat license, you must regenerate and install your seat licenses again.

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Concurrent licenses

Concurrent licenses are taken from the AutoPass License Server on a per-session basis. You must have an active network connection to install and access concurrent licenses.

Each time UFT One or UFT Developer starts, it tries to connect to the AutoPass License Server for an available license, which regulates the number of licenses currently in use.

The license is returned to the AutoPass License Server when UFT One or UFT Developer is closed. Additionally, concurrent licenses are released when UFT One or UFT Developer is idle, with no mouse or keyboard activity, for a specified amount of time.

If you need to use your FT tool without access to the internet, use one of the following instead:

Commuter license

If you know that you will need access to UFT One or UFT Developer without internet, check out a commuter license beforehand.

Commuter license keys are entered once, and provide use for a single installation of UFT One or UFT Developer, for a limited time period.

The license key is based on the machine identification, and is specific for the computer making the request.

Remote commuter license

If you find yourself without access to the internet unexpectedly, have another user with a connection check out a commuter license for you.

This is called a remote commuter license, and must be sent to you for you to use with your FT tool.

Both commuter and remote commuter licenses expire at 23:59 of the expiration day. After the commuter license expires, UFT One and UFT Developer automatically return to the previously used license type.

Tip: You can track license usage across your network (for your FT tools as well as other products). For details, see the AutoPass License Server online documentation.

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