Actions and data sources

Relevant for: API testing only

You can use the Data pane tables to provide property values for your actions. Each action uses its own data sources—not the test's data source.

Tip: If you want to use the same data for the test and in a specific action, you must define the data source path twice, once for the test and once for the action. See Data Usage in API Tests.

By default, data from actions called from other tests, are not visible in your current test. You can expose the data by enabling the Allow other tools to override the data option in the action’s test. As a result, you can view the data in the Data Pane. It is marked with an icon  indicating that this is data from an action.

An Update option allows you to reload the action's data in your test when it changes in its original location. This only applies to data that you did not make editable. For details, see Use actions in an API test.

Note: You can switch data from read-only to editable or vice versa. However, when changing from editable to read-only, any changes made to the data are lost.

If an action is called repeatedly in the test, only one set of the action's data is displayed in the Data Pane. If you make changes to the data at the action's original location and it is not marked as editable, then the changes are applied to all calls to this action.