Step Generator

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

The Step Generator enables you to add steps by selecting from a range of context-sensitive options and entering the required values, so that you do not need to memorize syntax or to be proficient in high-level VBScript. You can use the Step Generator from the Keyword View and also from the Editor.

In the Step Generator Dialog Box you can define steps that use:

  • Test object operations (tests only).

  • Utility object operations.

  • Calls to library functions (tests only), VBScript functions, and internal script functions.

For example, you can add a step that checks that an object exists, or that stores the returned value of a method as an output value or as part of a conditional statement. You can parameterize any of the values in your step.

When you insert a new step using the Step Generator, it is added to your test after the selected step, and the new step is selected.