Perform activity sharing

Relevant for: API testing only

This task describes how to save activities to a repository, update them, and view their properties.

Connect to ALM

If you want to work with a repository on ALM, connect to the desired ALM server.

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Set up the repository paths

  1. Select Tools > Options > API Testing tab > General node.

  2. In the Activity Repositories section, click the Browse button and navigate to the location in the file system or in ALM.

  3. Click OK.

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Import a WSDL or create a REST service

Import a WSDL file or create a REST service method. The Toolbox pane displays the service's methods in the Local Activities node.

By default, the test stores these activities in its EmbeddedJavaResources subfolder.

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Move the activity to a repository

In the Toolbox pane, right-click the service node, and select Move to > File System Activities or ALM Activities. This moves the service from Local Activities to File System Activities or ALM Activities in the Toolbox pane. The service is also removed from the test's EmbeddedJavaResources subfolder and placed in the repository folder.

The next time you create a test, these activities will be accessible from the File System Activities or ALM Activities nodes.

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