Encrypt and decrypt passwords

Relevant for: API testing only

Password fields expect an encrypted string - if you provide an unencrypted string, the authentication will fail.

The EncryptionMngr method lets you encrypt and decrypt strings within your events.

Encrypt the password

Use the activity's context's EncryptionMngr method, and select Encrypt from the autocompletion drop-down. The following example encrypts a password.

string plainText = "myPassword";
string encryptedText = this.StServiceCallActivity4.Context.EncryptionMngr.Encrypt(plainText);

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Decrypt the password - optional

Use the Decrypt method from the autocompletion drop-down.

The following example decrypts a password and validates it against the original string.

string decryptedText = this.StServiceCallActivity4.Context.EncryptionMngr.Decrypt(encryptedText);
bool equalText = decryptedText.Equals(plainText);

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