Actions for API Tests

Relevant for: API testing only

Actions are sequences of operations that you perform within the context of a test, consisting of either one or multiple steps. Actions also allow you use a repeated activity, such as logging in to a Web site multiple times. Each time the action is called, the test runs the action steps, its properties, and its data. Instead of adding the necessary test steps again each time you need to perform an action in the application, you can call the action and UFT One runs its steps instead.

You can call both actions defined within your current test or defined in other tests. When you call an action from another test, by default its data is read-only. If you call an action from an external test that has data assigned to its properties, you can indicate whether you want the data from action's data sheet to be imported as a local, editable copy, or whether you want to use the (read-only) data from the original action.

Note: To modify the steps of an action from an external test, you must open the test in which the action is stored and make your modifications there. The modifications apply to all tests that call that action.

Example: If you want to create tests for a flight reservation, to book a flight, modify a reservation, and delete a reservation, you might need to log in and out in each test.

In this case, define the Log in and Log out actions in the same test. Then, call them as external actions by all three tests.

Actions can also be saved as business components to be used for BPT.