Programming Operations

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

When you design tests, you usually begin by adding steps that represent the operations an end-user would perform as part of the business process you want to test. Then, to increase the power and flexibility of your test, you can add steps (programming statements) that contain programming logic to the basic framework.

Programming statements can contain:

  • Test object operations. These are methods and properties defined by UFT One. They can be operations that a user can perform on an object, operations that can retrieve or set information, or operations that perform operations triggered by an event.

  • Native operations. These are methods and properties defined within the object you are testing, and therefore are retrieved from the run-time object in the application.

  • VBScript programming commands. These affect the way the test runs, such as conditional statements and synchronization points. These are often used to control the logical flow of a test.

  • Comments. Use comments to explain sections of your tests to improve readability and to make them easier to update. A comment is an explanatory remark in a program, and does not get processed when UFT One runs. For details, see Insert Comment Dialog Box.