Delphi Environment


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Delphi objects.

Supported Test Objects

Test ObjectDescription
DelphiButtonA Delphi button.
DelphiCheckBoxA Delphi check box.
DelphiComboBoxA Delphi combo box.
DelphiEditA Delphi edit box.
DelphiEditorA Delphi multi-line editor.
DelphiListA Delphi list.
DelphiListViewA Delphi list-view control.
DelphiNavigatorA Delphi navigator control.
DelphiObjectA Delphi object.
DelphiRadioButtonA Delphi radio button.
DelphiScrollBarA Delphi scroll bar.
DelphiSpinA Delphi spin box.
DelphiStaticA Delphi static control.
DelphiStatusBarA Delphi status bar.
DelphiTableA Delphi table.
DelphiTabStripA Delphi tab strip.
DelphiTreeViewA Delphi tree-view control.
DelphiWindowA Delphi window or dialog box.