Dojo Toolkit Library


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Dojo objects.


• Dojo objects are supported in UFT One only when the UFT One Web Add-in and Dojo sub-add-in are installed and loaded.

• Dojo test objects extend test objects from the UFT One Web Add-in and inherit many of their methods and properties from those objects.

Supported Test Objects

Test ObjectDescription
DojoAccordionA Dojo control that contains expandable panels, of which only one panel can be expanded at a time.
DojoCalendarA Dojo calendar control.
DojoCollapsiblePanelA Dojo panel that can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide its content by clicking its title.
DojoComboButtonA Dojo control that has a regular button on the left, and on the right has a down arrow that opens a drop-down control (often a menu).
DojoDropDownButtonA Dojo button that opens a drop-down control (often a menu).
DojoDropDownMenuA Dojo menu control that opens when you click another control.
DojoFilterComboBoxA Dojo combo box that filters the values in its drop down list according to the text entered in its edit box.
DojoProgressBarA Dojo progress bar control.
DojoRichTextAreaA Dojo text area that allows complex editing, styling, and formatting.
DojoSliderA Dojo slider control.
DojoTabStripA Dojo tabstrip control.
DojoToggleButtonPresses and holds the object.
DojoToolbarA Dojo toolbar control.
DojoTreeA Dojo tree control.