MobileNativeWebView Object


A native web view control in a mobile application.


  • Always use this object as a parent test object for Mobile test objects in an iOS hybrid application that was not signed with a Developer certificate. This enables non-injected hybrid support for such applications.

    MobileNativeWebView test objects serve only as containers to other mobile test objects. Preforming operations on MobileNativeWebView test objects themselves is not supported.

  • This test object type is not supported for Flutter-based applications.

Description properties

You can use the following description properties to in object repository descriptions and programmatic descriptions of MobileNativeWebView test objects.

Property Name



The test object class name used by Digital Lab to identify objects, such as button or table.

classNameThe object's class.
nativeclassThe native class of the mobile control.
resourceidThe resource ID for the control.

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