SAPUI5 Toolkit Library


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing SAPUI5 objects.

Note: SAPUI5 objects are supported in UFT One only when the UFT One Web add-in is installed and loaded.

Supported Test Objects

Test ObjectDescription
SAPUIAccordionAn SAPUI5 accordion control.
SAPUIButtonAn SAPUI5 button control.
SAPUICalendarAn SAPUI5 calendar control.
SAPUICarouselAn SAPUI5 carousel.
SAPUICheckBoxAn SAPUI5 check box control.
SAPUIDatePickerAn SAPUI5 DatePicker control.
SAPUIDateTimeInputThe SAPUIDateTimeInput test object class extends the WebElement test object class and inherits many of its operations and description properties.
SAPUIDialogAn SAPUI5 dialog box.
SAPUIFacetFilterAn SAPUI5 facet filter control.
SAPUIHeaderAn SAPUI5 object header control.
SAPUILabelAn SAPUI5 clickable label.
SAPUIListAn SAPUI5 list control.
SAPUIMenuAn SAPUI5 menu control.
SAPUIMenubarAn SAPUI5 menu bar control.
SAPUINavigationBarAn SAPUI5 navigation bar control.
SAPUINotificationBarAn SAPUI5 Notification Bar.
SAPUIPaginatorAn SAPUI5 paginator control.
SAPUIPasswordAn SAPUI5 password edit control.
SAPUIRadioButtonAn SAPUI5 radio button control.
SAPUIRadioGroupAn SAPUI5 radio button group.
SAPUIRatingIndicatorAn SAPUI5 rating indicator control.
SAPUIRoadMapAn SAPUI5 road map control.
SAPUIRowRepeaterAn SAPUI5 row repeater control.
SAPUITableAn SAPUI5 table control.
SAPUITabStripAn SAPUI5 tab strip control.
SAPUITextEditAn SAPUI5 text edit control.
SAPUITileAn SAPUI5 tile control.
SAPUIToggleButtonAn SAPUI5 toggle button control, which can be pressed to toggle between On (pressed) and Off (released) states.
SAPUIToolbarAn SAPUI5 toolbar.
SAPUITreeAn SAPUI5 tree control.