TeWindow description properties

The TeWindow test object supports the description properties listed in the table below.

Property Name


emulator status

The current status of the emulator.

Possible values:
        Busy: Unable to receive input
        Disconnected: Not connected to the server
        Locked: Unable to receive input
        Ready: Able to receive input
        Unavailable: Status cannot be identified

Tip: The value of this property can be used to define recovery scenarios for terminal emulator application tests. For more details, see the Terminal Emulator Add-in section of the UFT One Help Center.


The handle of the run-time object's window.


The protocol used by the terminal emulator, where applicable.

Possible values:
        Not applicable

short name

The short name defined in the terminal emulator session (for terminal emulators that have been configured as fully supporting HLLAPI).

visual relations

Represents the test object's visual relations identifier.

Use this property in GetTOProperty and SetTOProperty steps to return or apply a VisualRelationsCollection object for a test object. The VisualRelationsCollection object enables you to retrieve or replace the visual relation identifier settings of a test object during a run session.


SetVRIColl = TestObject.GetTOProperty("visual relations")

TestObject.SetTOProperty "visual relations", VRIColl

For details, see VisualRelationsCollection Object in the Utility section of the Object Model Reference.

This property is not listed in the Object Spy. It is not retrieved when you use the GetTOProperties method. It cannot be used in the Object Identification dialog box, the description area of the object repository, checkpoint or output value steps, and so on.

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