SAPGuiElement Object


Any object in an SAP GUI for Windows application.


This object may be recorded if you insert a checkpoint or output value on an unrecognized object in an SAP Gui for Windows application. You can also enter this object in your test manually to refer to any object in an SAP Gui for Windows application that matches a specified programmatic description.

For example, you can use a programmatic description to find the Text property of an SAPGuiElement with guicomponenttype = 102 to retrieve the text of a screen title and store it in the Data Table:

DataTable("TransactionTitle_out",dtGlobalSheet) =SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP Easy Access").SAPGuiElement(" guicomponenttype:=102").GetROProperty ("Text")

You can also accomplish this using the Description object. For example:

Set MyDescription = Description.Create()

MyDescription("guicomponenttype").Value = 102

DataTable("pGetROProperty_out1",dtGlobalSheet) =SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP Easy Access").SAPGuiElement( MyDescription).GetROProperty ("Text")

SAPGuiElement can also be used to record SAP GUI for Windows objects that do not have built-in test object support, for example, Picture or Image controls and BarChart controls. For example:

SAPGuiSession("Session").SAPGuiWindow("SAP R/3").SAPGuiElement("ImageCtrl").Object.doubleClickPictureArea "90","30"

For more information on this alternative recording mechanism, refer to the SAP Solutions Add-in section of the UFT One Help Center.

For more information on programmatic descriptions, see the UFT One User Guide.


The sections below list the built-in methods and properties that you can use as operations for the SAPGuiElement object.

Note: You can also view a list and descriptions of the SAPGuiElement description properties, for use in object repository descriptions, programmatic descriptions, checkpoint and output value steps, and as argument values for the GetTOProperty and GetROProperty methods.


Common Method CaptureBitmapSaves a screen capture of the object as a .png or .bmp image using the specified file name.
Common Method CheckChecks whether the actual value of an item matches the expected value.
Common Method CheckPropertyChecks whether the actual value of the specified object property matches the specified expected value within the specified timeout.
Common Method ChildObjectsReturns the collection of child objects contained within the object.
Common Method GetAllROProperties

Returns the collection of properties and current values from the object in the application.

Common Method GetROPropertyReturns the current value of the description property from the object in the application.
Common Method GetTOPropertiesReturns the collection of properties and values used to identify the object.
Common Method GetTOPropertyReturns the value of the specified description property from the test object description.
Common Method HighlightHighlights the object in the application.
Common Method OutputRetrieves the current value of an item and stores it in a specified location.
Common Method RefreshObjectInstructs UFT One to re-identify the object in the application the next time a step refers to this object.
Common Method SetTOPropertySets the value of the specified description property in the test object description.
Common Method ToStringReturns a string that represents the test object.
Common Method WaitPropertyWaits until the specified object property achieves the specified value or exceeds the specified timeout before continuing to the next step.


Common Property ExistChecks whether the object currently exists in the open application.
Common Property ObjectAccesses the native methods and properties of the object.

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