UFT One Automation Object Model Reference

The UFT One Automation Object Model Reference is a Help file that provides detailed descriptions, syntax information, and examples for the objects, methods, and properties in the UFT One automation object model.

The UFT One Automation Reference contains an Object Model Diagram page that shows all objects in the UFT One automation object model, and their relationship to one another. You can click any object to view more information about that object.

The Help topic for each automation object includes a list and description of methods and properties associated with that object. Method and property Help topics include detailed description, syntax, return value or property type, and information about the possible values. (When a topic includes a list of possible values, these values may be case-sensitive.) Most topics also include one or more examples.


  • The syntax and examples in this Help file are written in VBScript-style. If you are writing your automation script in another language, the syntax for some methods and properties may differ slightly from what you find in the corresponding Help topic. For details on syntax for the language you are using, see the documentation included with your development environment or the general documentation for the programming language.

  • Unless otherwise specified, references to ALM in this Help file apply to all currently supported versions of Quality Center or ALM.