MobileDevice Object

Supported in UFT One versions 14.03 and higher.


Represents the devices available in the Mobile tab of the Record and Run Settings dialog box.

You must have a UFT One connection to Mobile Center / UFT Mobile / Digital Lab before using this test object.

Record and Run Settings

You must have the following Record and Run Settings defined before using this test object:

  • On the Mobile tab, select Use Mobile Center, Use UFT Mobile, or Use mobile device depending on your UFT One version.
  • On the Web tab, select Use settings on the Mobile tab.

Then, use the MobileDevice object to switch between working with a specific device vs reserving a device by capabilities.

For example:

If the Record and Run Settings are currently defined to ...

... Set your properties as follows:

Use a specific device (by device ID)

Set the ID property to switch to using a specific device by device ID.

In such cases, do not use the ManufacturerAndModel and OSVersionCriteria properties in your script.

Reserve a device by capabilityUse the ManufacturerAndModel or the OSVersionCriteria properties to switch to reserving a device by capability.

After switching, any properties irrelevant to the current settings are set to empty. The OS property value is always kept.



Defines the device ID. Required for selecting a specific device.


Defines the device's manufacturer and model. Optional for selecting a device by capability.


Defines the device's operating system. Required for selecting a specific device, or for selecting a device by capability.


Defines the device's operating system version. Optional for selecting a device by capability.


Read-only. Defines the device lab used in the record or run session. Optional for selecting a device by capability.


Define a device to use in your test

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'Create a QTP object
Set QTP = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
QTP.Visible = True
'Open a UFT One test
QTP.Open "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\scripts\Android\UFT_Replay_Android_NativeBrowser", TRUE 
'Set the UFT One test path
Set qtMobileLauncher = QTP.Test.Settings.Launchers("Mobile")
qtMobileLauncher.Lab = "DigitalLab"  'UFT One 2023 or earlier: "MobileCenter"
qtMobileLauncher.Device.ID = "N2F4C15923006550"
qtMobileLauncher.Device.OS = "Android"

'Set test options
qtMobileLauncher.InstallApps = true
qtMobileLauncher.RestartApps = true
qtMobileLauncher.UninstallApps = false
qtMobileLauncher.TrackCPUMetric = true
qtMobileLauncher.TrackMemoryMetric = true
qtMobileLauncher.TrackFreeMemoryMetric = true
qtMobileLauncher.TrackLogs = true
'Set result location
Set qtpResultsOpt = CreateObject("QuickTest.RunResultsOptions")
qtpResultsOpt.ResultsLocation = "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\scripts\Android\UFT_Replay_Android_NativeBrowser" + "\Results" 

'Run the test
QTP.Test.Run qtpResultsOpt
'Close UFT One