EnableWebSettingForMobile Method

Supported in UFT One versions 14.03 and higher.


Defines settings on the Web tab of the Record and Run Settings dialog box, based on the value of the MobileLauncher Object > Lab property.

Define the Lab property before using this method. This method then defines the Record and Run Settings as follows:

Lab property = MobileCenter.

On the Web tab:

  • The Use field is set to Micro Focus Mobile Center or Micro Focus UFT Mobile, depending on your UFT One verison.
  • The Use settings on Mobile tab checkbox is selected.
Lab property = Disable.The EnableWebSettingForMobile operation ends.

This method is required for running web tests on mobile devices, and ensures that the settings on the Web and Mobile tabs of the Record and Run Settings dialog remain consistent.


Visual Basic
Public Function EnableWebSettingForMobile()


Set the Mobile Settings in the Record and Run Settings dialog box

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