RawValue Property


Retrieves the raw value of the cell in the specified parameter and the current row of the design-time or run-time data table. The raw value is the actual string written in a cell before the cell has been computed, such as the actual text from a formula.


DataTable.RawValueParameterID, [SheetID]




Identifies the parameter (column) of the value to be set/retrieved. Index values begin with 1.
Note: The specified value must be an actual column header name that has been defined as a data table parameter. Entering A (or another default column label) as the column name is not valid unless A has explicitly been set as the name of a data table parameter.
Optional. Identifies the sheet to be returned. The SheetID can be the sheet name, index or dtLocalSheet, or dtGlobalSheet.
If no Sheet is specified, the first sheet in the design-time or run-time data table is used (global sheet). Index values begin with 1.


The following example uses the RawValue property to find the formula used in the current row of the Date column in the ActionA sheet in the design-time or run-time data table. The statement below returns the value: =NOW()

FormulaVal=DataTable.RawValue ("Date", "ActionA")