Configure Active Screen File Storage
Source code
'This example opens UFT One and configures its Active Screen options to minimum level.

Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable
Dim qtActiveScreenOpt 'As QuickTest.ActiveScreenOptions ' Declare the Active Screen Options object variable
Dim qtWebActiveScreen 'As QuickTest.WebActiveScreen ' Declare the Web Active Screen object variable

' Set object variables and open UFT One
Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
qtApp.Launch ' Start UFT One
qtApp.Visible = True ' Make the UFT One application visible
Set qtActiveScreenOpt = qtApp.Options.ActiveScreen ' Return the Active Screen Options object

If qtActiveScreenOpt.CaptureLevel <> "None" Then ' If the current capture level is not "None"

    ' Configure the Active Screen general options (not applicable for all environments)
    qtActiveScreenOpt.CaptureLevel = "Minimum" ' Capture properties only for recorded object

    ' Configure the Active Screen options related to Web
    Set qtWebActiveScreen = qtActiveScreenOpt.Web ' Return the Web Active Screen object
    qtWebActiveScreen.ActiveScripts = "Disabled" ' Prevent running scripts when loading a page in Active Screen
    qtWebActiveScreen.CaptureOriginalHTMLSource = True ' Capture the original HTML source of Web pages before any scripts have run
    qtWebActiveScreen.LoadActiveXControls = False ' Do not load ActiveX controls in the Active Screen pane
    qtWebActiveScreen.LoadImages = False ' Do not load images in the Active Screen pane
    qtWebActiveScreen.LoadJavaApplets = False ' Do not load Java Applets in the Active Screen pane
    qtWebActiveScreen.LoadingTimeout = 20 ' Set 20 seconds as the maximum time for the Active Screen to load a page
    Set qtWebActiveScreen = Nothing ' Release the Web Active Screen object

End If

Set qtActiveScreenOpt = Nothing ' Release the Active Screen Options object
Set qtApp = Nothing ' Release the Application object