Resources Object

Supported in UFT One version 2022 and later.


Represents the top part of the Resources pane of the Application Area Settings dialog box, which enables you to specify the function library files associated with the current application area.

Public Methods


Public Properties

Public Property LibrariesReturns the AAFunctionLibraries object, which is a collection of the function library files associated with the application area.


The following example creates a new application area, adds a function library file, and saves the application area.

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uftApp.NewAppArea "[ALM\Resources] Resources\manual\AA\AA1"
Set AAFunctionLibraries = uftApp.AppArea.Resources.Libraries ' Get the libraries collection object
Dim file1
file1 = "[ALM\Resources] Resources\manual\Add FL to AA\FL1.qfl"
AAFunctionLibraries.Add (file1)